Past Events:

Find Your Calling (FYC) Workshops

FYC WorkshopsIn this unique TV & Film Production workshop participants had an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the wide range of jobs available on a TV/film set.
  • Be in front of and behind the camera discovering what sparks your interest
  • Film a scene for your acting reel
  • Engage in a question and answer forum with a professional actor, an award-winning director, and other industry professionals and hear their stories of finding success in this industry

FYC is partnered with The Legacy Center, Mother Road Entertainment, and ABILITY Corps to give teens and young adults (or young of heart), a glimpse into the entertainment industry. Scholarships available through ABILITY Corps based on financial need. Learn more…

Connection • Compassion • Collaboration

Email for upcoming dates and registration: fyc(at)


More Events:

Hackaday-prize Assistive Technologies.

The last round of the Hackaday Prize celebrated engineers and designers that are helping others move better, see better and live better.

co-hosted by ABILITY Magazine


Featured Guest Speakers

Chet Cooper — Founder of ABILITY Magazine

ABILITY Magazine profiles celebrities and features articles on the most recent innovations in assistive technology, disability and human potential. Chet is also the founder of the first career site helping hundreds of thousands of job seekers with disabilities connect with employers and the co-founder of which is creating a world of inclusion and awareness for people with disabilities, through media, art, music and volunteerism.

Tony Long, Manager of Innovation Spaces at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Presenting “Raul’s Arms Race”

Raul Pizarro is a painter with muscular dystrophy. Tony and his team of engineers and makers have built devices to help Raul regain his ability to paint.


First US Invitation – International Integrated Art Exhibition

The exhibition is an academic and artistic event focusing on the artistic visual creation of people with disabilities. It emphasizes the fusion of different cultures, traditional, modern and artists with and without disabilities. This year was the first time the Art Exhibition integrated artists without disabilities, and invited representation from the United States.

The Art Exhibition includes painting, calligraphy, sculpture, handicraft, photography and art exchange activities. The Art Exhibition is held every two years in China, Korea or Japan, this year’s Integration format is hosted by China.

Wuhan China

To enhance the human spirit and humanitarian care in artistic creation, and especially focus on the academic value of persons with disabilities. To promote the engagement of people’s creation, art exchange and integration in society.

An exhibition of the selected works, including 50 pieces of artists with disabilities, and 50 pieces of artists without disabilities.

An academic forum of Integrated Art included lectures by artists and scholars, and was open to the public.

Left: Chet Cooper, Publisher ABILITY Magazine and Liang Zhenkang, President of Singapore Art Association

There was a social gathering by the East Lake. The artists who were invited and the prize winners were part of improvisation art and completed a large wall painting.

Liu Fusheng painted, danced and talked about his Tourettes

Several artists and guests painted using traditional black ink and brush.


Some of the world’s leading experts were invited to form a jury, to carry out evaluation strictly on the works. Awards included Best Creation, Humanitarian Award and Special Contribution.

Judges – Far Left: Zhang Heyong

All the selected works are included in the collection of the First International Integrated Art Exhibition.

Artist Jon Savage of San Diego won an award

Two of the three artists representing the US won awards. Artist Jon Savage of San Diego won a Best Creation Prize and awarded 10,000 RMB.

Nancy Villere from Orange County, CA won the Collection Certificate.

Artwork of Nancy Villere hanging in the Wanlin Art Museum, Wuhan China

China Disabled Persons’ Federation
The City Government of Wuhan
Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

China Press for People with Disability
Wuhan Disabled Persons’ Federation
Korea Disabled Artists Association
Nippon Charity Kyokai Public Interest Incorporated Foundation (Japan)

The Art Exchange Center of China National Academy of Painting
The Academy of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting
Wuhan Federation of Literary and Art Circles
German Artists Association

Left: Lia Martirosyan representing the United States and Zhang Heyong, China

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