All Web & Digital Space / Specs

Digital Magazine

Digital Ads in ABILITY Magazine are presented on an interactive rich-media-ready platform with a PDF replica available. Rich media web ads contact with inquiries. *Added value web ads are included with digital Full and Half page ads. 

  • Dimensions / Sizes

    • Full Page: 8” x 11" (Spread: 16" x  10.875")
    • 2/3 Page: 4 1/2"x 9 7/8" (vertical)
    • 1/2 Page: 7" x 4 3/4” (horizontal)

  • Resolution / Format

    • Ads can be PDF, JPG, TIF
    • Best resolution 300DPI

Web Marketing

Products & Services Page

Products and Services Marketing pages are a dynamic marketplace targeting the ABILITY community with expanded web ad capability, marketing copy as well as video promotion. Contact with inquiries.

  • Images / Video

    • Logo: 400 x 200px, 
    • Images: 608 x 400px
    • Video: YouTube, Vimeo

  • File Type

    • Max File Size Logo 40kb
    • Other web images 50kb max
    • Images: jpg or png (static)

Products Services and Much More Menu

Banking, Trusts, Legal, Financial, etc...

Wheelchairs, Scooters, Ramps, etc...

Assistive technology, accessibility, Apps, etc...

Airlines, Hotels, Tours, etc...

Showcase your health related company: Rehab, Medication, Diet, etc...

Universities, Courses, Webinars, etc...

Web Ads

Banner Ads are available at the top of and pages. Block Ad placements are only available on sidebar area.*Actual size may vary with screen size.

  • Sizes*

    • Banner :  728 x 90 px static
    • Sidebar Block Ad:  400 x 300 px static
    • Full Page (*digital bonus): 400 x 540 px
    • Half Page (*digital bonus): 400 x 300 px 

  • File Type

    • Max File Size Banner 40kb
    • All other web ads 50kb max
    • File format jpg or png (static)


Banner ad and block ad placement are within the copy of email. Custom interest contact

  • Sizes

    • Banner :  728 x 90 px static
    • Block Ad:  300 x 250 px static
    • Custom: exclusive sponsorship (TBD)

  • File Type

    • Max File Size Banner 40kb
    • All other web ads 50kb max
    • File format jpg or png (static)