First Accessible Online Job Fair

ABILITY Corps builds first accessible online career fair, ABILITY Job Fair (AJF). "Current online career fairs are not fully accessible to people with disabilities, to overcome these challenges we’ve built in several unique features," states Lia Martirosyan. "This a one of kind recruitment experience, offers face-to-face video, sign language interpreters, real time captioning as well as text communications."

AJF partners with, the largest job board of job seekers with disabilities, and This alliance reaches hundreds of thousands of job seekers with disabilities. The technology has developed a broad, end-to-end capability, suitable for use by enterprise organizations and their applications.

Martirosyan, co-founder of ABILITY Corps comments: “The uptake of companies looking to increase their talent pool and pipeline demands on new technology. Companies around the world will see a huge shift in the way this sector does business, much like the monumental shift from paper to online in the business world. To realize this change however, new technology infrastructures need to be implemented to enable competent performance, increased recruiter job seeker interactions, plus embedded regulatory compliance and outreach efficiency.

AJF aims to address these challenges, and we’re very excited to be showcasing it at the National ILG Conference. This event is a collaborative ecosystem – a place for government contractors and subcontractors to learn practical applications and bring initiatives for seamless integration of technology into their infrastructure.

At AC, we are constantly searching and collaborating to find cutting-edge technology for people with disabilities so they can fulfill their lives to the best of their ability. We look forward to bringing this ethos to HR technology integration and revolutionizes talent acquisition and business transactions across industries – one job seeker at a time.”

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Get funded for your graduate student research project!

We are delighted to announce funding from the Social Security Administration for another year of the Analyzing Relationships between Disability, Rehabilitation and Work (ARDRAW) small grant program. ARDRAW grant recipients are awarded a one-year $10,000 stipend to conduct supervised independent research designed to foster new analysis of work, rehabilitation, and disability issues, which may develop innovative and fresh perspectives on disability.

Applicants must be masters, doctoral, or post-doctoral-level part-time or full-time graduate students pursuing studies in accredited programs at the time of the award (Fall semester of 2019) with an academic emphasis in topics of interest to disability programs, including, but not limited to, public health, social work, economics, occupational medicine, vocational and rehabilitation counseling, public policy and administration, sociology, psychology, education, medicine, employment, and law.

Applications for Research Stipends Due: March 1, 2019